Create the House You've Always Imagined

Take advantage of our stellar new home construction services in Irondale, AL

You can picture the fabulous new house you want, but you don't know how to make it real. In Irondale, AL, hire Roberts Building Group, Inc to take on the task. We've been providing personalized new home construction services as a custom home builder for decades. You can trust us to create your forever home with the utmost care.

Roberts Building Group is here to serve you as a premier custom home builder

Since 1992, Roberts Building Group has served homeowners like you as a reliable custom home builder. Over the years, we've helped countless clients to bring their design ideas to life in many different ways. We can help you, too.

Roberts Building Group can:

Demolish old homes or build on empty lots
Use drawings by architects
Create our own architectural drawings
Build customized homes
Design and build landscapes and hardscapes
Provide interior decorating services

You can rest assured that your new home won't be missing important features. With all of our new home construction services, you'll feel confident that your house will be fantastic down to the smallest details.